Adoping Bitcoin Arnhem

FAQ / Misc

Yes. This is the Adopting Bitcoin conference and we like to stimulate every visitor to actually use bitcoin. Paying bitcoin over the Lightning Network is the best way to do nowadays.

Here is a quick beginners guide to get you started.

Warning: Do not store large amounts of bitcoin this way. Use a hardware wallet or other non-custodial bitcoin wallet for your savings.

Install a lightning wallet on your phone. We will describe the steps for Blink (Bitcoin Beach Wallet), but you can also use other lightning wallets.

  • Install Blink (Bitcoin Beach Wallet)
  • Enter you phone number and the verification code sent to you by SMS or Whatsapp
  • Go to Settings in the Menu and change Currency to your local currency

Your Lightning wallet is now ready for use but it does not have any funds in them.

Open Blink and choose "receive". By default Blink shows a lightning invoice. Since most exchanges don't support Lightning yet you need to:

  • Choose "on-chain". You now use the "copy" button to copy your bitcoin address which starts with "bc1q"
  • Sent bitcoins to this address. Make sure you sent more than just the ticket price since at the conference in Arnhem you can pay just about anything with your lightning wallet.

If you don't have bitcoin yet you can buy them at one of our sponsors: BTC Direct, Bitmymoney, Bitvavo or Bitonic.